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“Transmitting the Universal Frequency of Love”


What started as a way to be personally inspired and uplifted has transformed in to a movement.  The Choose Love Ministry was founded because of our mission to spread wisdom to more people about their ability to break free from fear and Ego and live life from joy and love.

We created a weekly service to do just that; have a conversation about our experiences and the ways we have found to overcome trauma, stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.  We call this service the #ChooseLove Broadcast and we simulcast on Facebook Live from our Ethereal Quest by Choose Love Ministry page, and on MIXLR broadcasting service.

Jay Pinkney and Dr. Genie host this weekly program and this is where they get real.  They discuss real life events and real healing they’ve had to do.  They share their journey to help you with yours.   If you notice the satellite in the images and flyers we post, that actually represents the beginning of Jay & Genie’s journey together as a couple.  Jay was in the Navy and stationed at a base in West Virginia.  This base was a former radio station turned satellite observatory mission.  They met at a base function and have been together since.

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They often share their journey as a couple, their experiences from childhood, or as parents to now grown children.  Sometimes these conversations are uncomfortable, but they always shine light on healing.

Recently, Dr. Genie brought up the topic of childhood trauma and how these kinds of incidents affect our decision making abilities as adults.  She brought this up to illustrate how our own minds and memories keep us stuck in bad habits and suffering.  While she gave no real specifics of events from her childhood, she did mention that she had felt she was a burden, unwanted, and unloved by those who cared for her in childhood, especially her grandmothers.

Unbeknownst to Dr. Genie, one of those grandmothers was listening in and was hurt by the discussion.  She made her feelings known on the replay comments.  We wanted to address those comments for anyone who saw them.  Here is a statement from Dr. Genie.

“This is an unfortunate situation and not one I ever intended.  My sole purpose in sharing my personal wounds is to also share the healing that has come afterwards.  I share the message of healing and love through the example of my own experience.  My comments were not meant as an attack on anyone, but as a light to others.  We must acknowledge our wounds and how they control our adult mind set if we are to heal them.  We cannot make better decisions, become unstuck, and live a life truly from love until and unless we can be honest about the scars we bear.  My feelings of inadequacy, being unwanted, being a burden, being a difficult child, are all very real wounds I’ve had to deal with – no matter where these wounds came from, and the sources were many.   I am sorry if the message was misunderstood and uncomfortable – its the uncomfortable part that shows us where we need to heal.”


Beginning the first Tuesday in May, Dr. Genie and Jay will be hosting a summer series on Love over Fear.   This series will take listeners through 4 pillars of Love and how to use the awareness of these elements of Soul Consciousness to overcome Ego, fear, and being stuck in your life.   

Please join us on Tuesday afternoons for this inspirational and life healing broadcast.

Facebook Live Video

MIXLR Radio Broadcast

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