The Choose Love Ministry is a non-denominational, all-faiths welcome spiritual organization founded by Spiritual Counselor, Ordained Minister, and Metaphysician, Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney.

Dr. Genie is ordained through the International Church of Metaphysical Humanism.  Metaphysics is the study of consciousness.  Humanism is the belief in the human spirit and the connection to Divine Energy.

Though classified as a church, Metaphysical Humanism has no dogma or religious text.  Instead, the teachings of metaphysical humanism lend themselves to all faiths and have but 9 Principles of Belief that guide practitioners.  Those beliefs are below in the next section.

Regardless of the deep separation between religions, our goal is to help anyone on a spiritual path to reconnect to their original and true state of awareness – SOUL Consciousness.  Soul is our connection to the Divine, to the Universe, to Source Energy, to Life Force Energy.  Whatever you call that which created you, that which sustains you, that which you return to – its all the same thing – pure love.  All life comes from love.  It is our true nature.  It’s who we are meant to be.

Modern Man was separated from this original state of being when EGO Consciousness became the dominant state of awareness.  Through EGO, our constant state of awareness is fear.  To overcome fear takes mindfulness.  To get beyond EGO blocks takes making a choice.

This Ministry’s goal is to teach and share wisdom on how to return to our natural state of being and rid ourselves of fear, self-doubt, overwhelm, stress and unhappiness.  No matter what your religious beliefs, or nonreligious beliefs,  choosing the state of Love can help you live a life of joy, happiness, fulfillment, success, and passion.


choose love triq

The symbol for the CLM is the Love Triquetra.  Adapted from the Institute of Metaphysical Humanism‘s Life Leadership Paragon, the Love Triquetra illustrates the three qualities necessary for synergizing with Soul Awareness and choosing to live from Love over fear.

 Wisdom (indigo) Compassion (rose pink) Freedom (teal)  synergized to create Love Consciousness (purple).





The Nine Principle Beliefs of The International Church of Metaphysical Humanism


The Choose Love Ministry


1. Do No Harm; Do Right.

2. We believe in the indomitable power of the human spirit. The answers we seek already exist within us.

3. We believe that we alone are responsible for and capable of solving human social problems.

4. We are all equal: One planet, one race, one ancestry, one destiny.

5.We recognize and honor the divine energy that exists in all living things.

6. We are physical and spiritual beings; consciousness survives death of the physical body.

7. Self-Acceptance, Self-Responsibility, and Respect for Free Will creates Self-Completeness.

8. Metaphysical education and practical life-skills empower the human spirit and enhance the human condition.

9. Expanding human consciousness leads to human evolution and peaceful coexistence.