Spiritual Education is a top priority in our Ministry.  Our educational focus is on teaching Holistic Wellness tools to use in your self-care and spiritual practice.

Spirituality is defined as the caring for the soul.  Your spiritual practice is the way in which you care for your soul.


There are many ways to support connection and care of the soul.  Religion is by far the biggest way man has chosen to accomplish this, but it isn’t the only way.  Spirituality is not a religion, even if a spiritual practice borrows from ceremony and text belonging to religion.

Anyone can be spiritual and each person decides their own spiritual path.  This is why the Choose Love Ministry is open to people of all faiths, religions, and spiritual practices.  Anyone can benefit from spiritual education, and in keeping with the 9 principles of the Ministry, all are free to choose which spiritual tools resonate with them and which ones do not.

We offer several ways to partake in education programs with the CLM.   Below are brief summaries of the programs and links to the program pages or websites.

Comments from students in our latest local class, Holistic Wellness Safari:

comments on the safari

This course was a journey through self-healing and the Chakras using spirit animals to guide the lessons.  Inspired by the students, we are writing a level two self-healing course to be launched in the fall called Holistic Wellness Quest.  We will offer the Safari again over the summer if you are interested.




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April & May Live Workshop in Bridgeport

crystal vibes image

This workshop explores how to use the beautiful crystals you’ve been drawn to since childhood.  A beginners level class, we’ll use a basic set of stones to learn how to use the energy vibes of crystals for your self-healing, energy clearing around the house, and to promote and support your healing and wellness.  Click the image to register and for a list of stones we’ll use in the class.


The Genie Mathews Holistic Wellness Academy is the home of our formal courses and training online.  It is hosted on and courses are currently being transferred there from another platform.  Two courses are ready to study and more are on the way.

Chakra Power!

This course is all about clearing and activating your Chakra Energy Centers.  Get powered up and open to healing and wellness! 

Life By Design 2019 

This is a life planner, dream living, soul connecting course that moves you from resolutions and wishes to a life you love!  


…these courses coming soon!

Soul Connection – the definitive course for accessing your intuition and Divine Energy.

Learn to Give Yourself Oracle Card Readings

Crystal Vibes – all about working with basic crystal  healing

Essential Luxury – how to use essential oils in your daily life

Dream Detective – this technique a great way to uncover meaning in your dreams

Enrollment for the Academy and for courses can be done through this link.


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This is Dr. Genie’s program for those interested in working closer with her and earning the Academy courses for free with a tribe membership.  At the end of the program each successful apprentice will receive a Holistic Wellness Practitioner Certificate to use in their own Life Coaching or other licensed healing practice.   Enrollment for this program is through Dr. Genie’s website.

*Enrollment open.


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Workshops and courses are offered several times a month at the Choose Love Ministry office and private individual or group tutoring is available.  These are small classes as space is limited to 6 for each meeting.  You can enroll for these live courses with the link.





There are fees associated with these programs in order to support the Ministry and the costs of providing the services.  We offer several no-fee educational avenues as well.



Check out our schedule of events for workshops, classes and free events!