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Women need the support of other women.  In today’s busy world, we often rely on faceless social media to get encouragement and support.  That doesn’t always fill us the way we need because it lacks personal connection – real, truthful, living, breathing connection.  

Supporting one another face to face allows us to feel the energy, emotion, and compassion of the room and people in it.  It’s a real experience versus a virtual reality experience.  This is why I am hosting this group locally, rather than on the internet.

We do have a Facebook Group page that we encourage those interested to join.  The FB group is for announcements, scheduling, and to introduce to women who would like to start attending meetings.  Women in the group are welcome to post and ask for support, but in-person meetings are vital to really connecting with others.


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A few guidelines we’ve set up for meetings are below.  This just ensures we all feel respected, welcomed, and safe.

Sister Circle Guidelines:

  • The purpose of the group is to CONNECT, SHARE, and HOLD SPACE for one another.
  • This group is non-religious affiliated and open to women all of faiths, practices, and beliefs.
  • Meetings are relaxed but sacred spaces where respect and compassion set the tone.
  • What is spoken at meetings stays at meetings. Confidentiality is imperative.
  • Unsolicited advice is discouraged. Asking for advice is encouraged.
  • In-person connection is crucial for group support.
  • Sharing means speaking and listening.
  • Holding Space means supporting someone without the need to judge, correct, or fix their problems.
  • Meetings are non-mandatory and will be offered twice a week. Come as often or as little as you desire.


A meeting schedule will be posted soon and updates will be posted in the Facebook group above.  We’ll also set up an optional email list to get updates for anyone who is not on social media or those who prefer information via email.


Setting Up Your Own Group

If you would like to be affiliated with our group but cannot come to meetings in our location, consider setting up your own women’s support group.  I would be happy to join in meetings every now and then and we could consider planning annual events for all affiliated groups.

Contact me through the contact tab above for more information on this subject.