Patience through Upheaval

Patience in an uncertain world is difficult, to say the least.  When I drew the patience card from my oracle deck for this this week, I knew the universe was asking a lot.  There is some very scary stuff going on in the United States and across the globe; natural disasters, wars, famine, political upheaval, covid-19, and chaos.  What will patience do to solve any of this?

Patience is one of the core character virtues.  It’s a state of mind – an attitude – a way of being.  It’s a choice. 

I’m not saying it’s an easy one.  But being patient is absolutely within your control.  And it’s important that you know that you can make this choice because there are a lot of really good reasons why you should – especially in this time of upheaval when you feel you have no control in how things turn out.

Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland

When you choose the attitude of patience you are automatically able to deal with stress in a calmer way.  This leads to less impulsive actions and better decisions.  A patient mind cuts down on anxiety and overwhelm.  Fearfulness and fight or flight response are subdued when your mind is calmer. You respond to life instead of reacting.  And when fear, stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and defensiveness are kept at bay, you are able to live from a place of love and peace. 

Ten things you can do to increase your attitude of patience:

  1. Meditate in the morning and set the intention that whatever comes your way today you will respond with patience. 

2. Visualize yourself responding to stressful situations with patience. 

3. Visualize others responding to you with patience.

4. When you feel impatience, be kind to yourself and think about why the situation caused you to feel that way.  Is there a limiting belief of trigger that needs healed?

5. Have faith that you will be okay even in situations beyond your control.  Believe in yourself to handle whatever comes your way. 

6. Trust that you have done all you can to ensure a positive outcome. 

7. Talk with friends and share your concerns. 

8. Be mindful of your fear.  Are you fearful of something real, or something you have created in your mind?

9. Tune out social media or news that stirs fear and stress for ratings and “likes.”

10. Take time to be kind and gentle with yourself.  Self-care is love. 

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