January 2021 Energy

Spiritual Messages from Choose Love Ministry Founder, Dr. Genie Mathews Pinkney

2021 is off to a start. We’re still dealing with much of the baggage from last year and people are finding it hard to know where to start and what direction to head.

There is a trend to choose your word for the year. It was this trend that helped us name our ministry Choose Love because that was my word a few years ago. I like this trend because it’s a great way to connect with your intuition and allow your inner compass to point you in the right direction. Having to choose one or two words really makes you dig deep to find meaning in your choice.

Resolutions don’t go that deep and I’m not a fan of using them to plan out your goals. I answered a letter on Dear Genie about this earlier this week. Someone wrote that they were wondering if there was even a point of trying to make resolutions this year. My advice was to DARE TO DREAM! Dreaming is much better than resolutions.

To do that, we need some support – and that’s what spirituality and my ministry and my purpose are all about! I’m here to give you tools and wisdom to support you in working through your shadows, your limiting beliefs, your bad habits and your areas of stubborness. 🙂

Last week I did an Oracle Energy Forecast for 2021. I drew cards for each of the 12 months this year and interpreted those cards in a video. These monthly cards will serve as some support for you. They will guide you in helping raise your own energy vibration to help you make better decisions and cope with the ups and downs that come up. Below is a summary of January’s energy. This card is definitely telling us to start January slowly and gently. I think it is right on point!

7 more ways for you to support your journey:

  1. Keep in touch with friends and ask them for honest advice.
  2. Follow me or other spiritual teachers on social media. (Russell Brand is awesome!)
  3. Choose your word for the year – it’s a piece of your dreams and passions!
  4. Visualize your goals – see the life you want. Keep that vision in your mind.
  5. Strengthen your connection and trust with your inner voice. Mediation is great for this!
  6. Be gentle with yourself. Cut out the self- blame & shame. Forgive yourself.
  7. Self-care. Mind your health holistically – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual!

Click here if you would like to view the entire 12-month reading: Oracle Energy Forecast 2021

Best wishes in all you are trying to do and be in 2021. I’m happy to be here with you on your journey.

With light and love,

Dr. Genie

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